We offer live-event and broadcast expertise to the games industry.

The team

Phil Tucker

An award winning producer and brand communications creative director with over 20 years of experience producing live events and broadcast for the gaming industry.

Ian Stewart

With a career spanning over 30 years in the entertainment industry, Ian Stewart is a creative, a lawyer, and a leader who has been the driving force behind D+D’s most recognizable work.

David Jammy

David has produced content across all genres, in all corners of the globe, with the passionate belief that what matters most is the story you’re telling, and how well you tell it.

Jason Wiltshire

As a gamer, Jason understands the need for authenticity in talking to a gaming audience & has employed this ethos over the last twelve years producing & directing content for the video games industry’s biggest brands.

From planning to production, AD+D provide an unrivalled service for companies wanting to deliver creative, entertaining and highly memorable live events and broadcasts to consumers and media alike. Based in Santa Monica, CA, our company was formed from the expertise of games content producers, Attention Seekers and the unparalleled live event and broadcast experience of Done & Dusted.

We wanted to take the most experienced gaming production company and the best company for massive live events and put them together to create something that would be able to fully service the growing market for huge live gaming events. Many companies specialise in one or the other but our combination is unique to us.

In video games our team have produced live global broadcasts, numerous game launches and competitive gaming moments for the biggest names in industry and beyond. Our team have produced content for every platform from television to Twitch. Between them they have worked to produce some of the highest-profile live shows on the planet including The Superbowl Half-Time Show, Olympics Opening and Closing ceremonies of London 2012 and tours by artists such as U2 and Katy Perry.

We bring authenticity in video gaming and an unparalleled reputation for creating breath-taking, innovative live extravaganzas.